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About Us

The birth of Huate Gas started from a group of people who are full of yearning for a better life and dare to take responsibility and mission.

The company has grown from a staggering start to a national layout, and even conceived of development opportunities in the global industry. The growth process over the years has benefited from the efforts of employees, the benefits of customers, and social stability and economic development. Industrial upgrading, economic transformation, and the wave of globalization, the future development opportunities continue to show. Huate people will continue to devote themselves to the research and development and application of gas industry related products, implement the business strategy based on industrial gases, specialty gases as the direction, and gas equipment as the support, and realize customer value through scientific development. Looking back on the past, we show pride and no regrets; looking forward to the future, we are full of hope and full of ambition. Standing at the starting point of a new stage of development, Guangdong Huate Gas Co., Ltd. will continue to uphold the spirit of "Harmony and Progress", continue to improve itself, and